When in doubt make a plan!!

You might have the most awesome product in the world, but unless you market it well, you won’t be able to sell it. Creating a media plan is an essential part of the marketing process, because it shows what you and your product can provide and how to move forward.


First, you need to establish an understanding of what the brand represents. Company history and competitor history are a must-have.

The Demographic

Who is the product for? What is their Age, Sex, Ethnicity, etc? Your audience is what makes or breaks your brand, so always keep them in mind.

The Objective

What is your goal? Is it to sell more, increase viewership, maybe improve the overall public opinion of your company? Trick question, it is all about selling more. Selling a product, an idea, or an image is the goal of every company.

Fun Fact!

The examples are from a media plan I put together to help Cartoon network improve its viewership and increase the range of target demographics.

Your target demographic influences how one would advertise their brand/product. For example: if you were trying to persuade people ages 17 – 28 to buy a meal-in-a-box subscription, you would use social media as your main advertising platform.

Your ads must first and foremost appeal to your audience. If they don’t connect with it, you are just wasting money and resources.


Typically, your platform is mostly separated by age range, but the economic situation of your audience can also affect it. Ages 18-29 are more likely to see an ad on social media compared to physical prints, people ages 55+ are more likely to see a commercial on cable television.

The Demographic

Nowadays with the astronomical number of people glued to either their smartphone or computer has made it difficult to effectively grab attention. Always try and land an impact as effectively as you can.

The Objective

Test it out first by gathering the basics of your brand and putting together a mood board. This is an excellent way to tune in on the tone and image you want for your brand, as well as see how your audience reacts to it.