Editing makes a difference!!

A lot of change is made in the editing room, be it with filmmaking or creating commercials. It is well helps deliver the message of the project to audience. Without it, all video media would be disorganized mess.

I have experience in using multiple platforms (Premiere Pro, After Effects, and DaVinci to name a few) and the main premise remains the same, your goal is to tell a coherent story to the audience. Be it a movie, a commercial, or a Youtube video; ratings will drop if your audience can’t make heads or tails about what they are watching.

When you are making any video content (movie, commercial, music video, etc), you need to use a Storyboard.


A storyboard helps all cast and crew understand what needs to be accomplished when the scenes are being filmed. 

For example, this storyboard was used to help plan the shot composition and camera movements for my UWA recruitment video I made whilst completing my degree.


The video is down below for a comparison. You may notice that some of the shots in the video do not match the order of the storyboard or that some of the angles of the camera were different, this is because while planning ahead is very useful, there are times when a deviation is necessary to make the shot work better.

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