Disney Themed Logos

Disney Themed Logos and Advertisement mockups that I made as an exercise for my Disney week on my social media. I took a character and built a business around them. Goofy has a candy store in the Disney parks, so it wasn’t hard to figure out which business would fit for him. I made a lovely couples diner for the beloved Minnie and Mickey, giving it a fun 60s vibe. Daisy was kind of difficult compared to the others, I knew I wanted something that showed off her fashionable side and I landed on mascara. Donald was easy, the incoherent duck with anger issues seemed to perfect for a game show where people compete as Donald’s translators. Lastly, Pluto was a champ; he always rushed around often biting off more than he can chew. So I went with a pit stop for him and others to get the rest they deserve.

Mock Up Logos

As a way to both build my portfolio and keep up my skills, I designed these mock-up logos that are for fictional businesses. The first three are a “chill outdoors” theme to them. Next is OnlyMart, a parody of supermarkets that advertise that they have anything you want. Lastly, we have a space themed software company called Solar Systems.

Mock Up Posts

One of my projects in college included creating a social media plan for a business of our choice, I chose a comic book store in my hometown of Huntsville called The Deep. I concepted different posts and ideas for multiple social media platforms. Instagram had theme days that would occur weekly (Ex. Marvel Monday, Tabletop Tuesday, Funko Pop Friday, etc.). Twitter would give weekly event schedules. Finally, Facebook would be used to advertise rare comics for sale and event scheduling. 

Mock Up Posts… Again

One project I was given was to create social media posts for a fictional restaurant that would be opening up after the 2020 quarantine was lifted. Showing new Coronavirus regulations and the same delicious food.

Investigation Discovery Media Campaign

I was tasked with taking a company’s logo that had recently been redesigned and then make my own redesign, the company of my choice was Investigation Discovery. This redesign included a logo, color scheme, and fonts. All of which are summed up in the image above.

Cartoon Network Media Plan

I created a media plan for Cartoon Network that would help improve their ratings and viewerships. This plan includes their history, as well as the histories of their competitors. I use this information to showcase what has worked and what hasn’t. Next was how they can improve themselves and improve their image to their audiences. All of this is contained a fun, on-brand document.

Video Production (On a Budget)

I was in a Television Production class and we had several assignments over the semester. Unfortunately, this semester was during the Pandemic, so my resources were limited. But I Persevered, and I made some good stuff that got a good chuckle from my professor and classmates.

Fun Fact: The actor in the Recruitment Video doesn’t even go to the school!